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Web Design & SEO – eCommerce

The age of artificial intelligence!  Automation is now available directly from your website!  Your website can do all a business website does (read below) and proceed to sell products and services on your behalf!

You website can provide quotations to prospects, compare products to your would-be clients, collect money from them and send to your bank account and then go ahead and issue them with invoices or receipts.

This is eCommerce!  An eCommerce is actually capable of doing some other tasks, depending on the nature of your business.

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A business without a website is like a grain of sand on the seashore – hardly noticed!  Bill Gates once said that without a website on this age and time, your business would die.

If your business is without a website then you are losing your customers to competition.  People want to learn about all that you do and appraise you even before contacting you; and they want to do so undisturbed – from the comfort of their offices or homes.

Your business needs a website!!!

The Basic features:

– Landing/home page
– Products & services introductory pages
– About (your business) page
– Feedback/Contact Page
– Shopping Cart
– Real-time online/offline chat
– Free online payment options available

(special payment options available at additional cost)

An eCommerce website comes with a landing page, welcoming you guests, and then is followed by pages describing you products and services, offering further transactional information. Images, if available, can be included to better effect!  Contact details are provided together with a feedback form which collects enquiries and requests, etc and automatically sends transaction details to your email and money to your account, where applicable.

The Hosting Package:

  • Disk Quota (MB) – 5000
  • Monthly Bandwidth (MB) – 50000
  • FTP Accounts – 20
  • Email Accounts – 200
  • Quota per Email Address (MB) – 1024
  • Email Lists – 100
  • Databases – 50
  • Sub Domains – 100

Free after-sales support including SEO.

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