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Webmaster Services – Web Design/SEO

There are several good reasons why your business MUST have a website. People now tend to go online for nearly all their needs including ordering pizza, which may also be available in the shop three blocks away…  You are losing business if your business has no website; Your website allows you visitors to window shop without inhibition

We make several options available for your convenience:
1. You can buy a domain name from us or utilise one you already own
2. You can point your domain at our hosting or host elsewhere using our domain
3. You can design your website on your own or let our professionals handle it for you.

Your website will have the following as its basic features, depending on its intended use:
– Landing/home page
– Description/Details page
– Products & Services description pages
– Shop/Cart for online selling/invoicing
– Portal/Collaboration tools
– Feedback/Contact Page
– Online payment system
– etc.

We also offer highly-qaulity SMS services for your online or offline marketing – it helps you reach your clients via mobile phones which they hardly keep away from them. It means that you can reach them anytime, through your website when they are online, or their mobile phones when they are offline.

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