Insurance Consultancy

Insurance Consultancy

Risk is part of everyday existence; you can lessen its adverse impact by understanding the mechanism called “INSURANCE”. Find out how this mechanism can help you.

Each day’s activities are filled with risks! Inactivity does not negate this fact. Managing your risk could reduce negative effects but insurance is the best tool for risk mitigation. Ask us how best to go about it!

There are wide range of insurance policies that can cover a whole lot of exposures … new, custom policies such a cloud insurance are still emerging. We are particularly concerned about risks that may affect your ICT equipment and installations and will offer advisory services on how best to mitigate the effects, should they occur.


ICT insurance will cover anything computer and computer-related installation and equipment  and cloud usage. … For a start, an average business or individual can begin with a computer insurance policy:

Electronic Equipment/Computer Insurance
A computer (electronic equipment) insurance policy is purposely designed for the computer and its peripheral, i.e. data carrying material and air-conditioning plant. These are all parts of the electronic data processing installation and data-carrying materials including programs. The policy covers material loss or damage (theft or damage from external means and damage from internal sources, e.g. breakdown risks) and consequential loss (loss of data/increased cost of working).


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